Journey Through Change

Establishment of Journey Through Change

Journey Through Change was established in 2011 by Hala Kazim capitalising on her own diverse experiences in life. Following a series of trips hiking in remote environments on her own and a passion to serve people, Hala was inspired to create her own trips for women that involve a combination of physical activity, workshops and lectures.


The Ethos of JTC

The ethos of JTC is to remove people from their day to day lives to a different location where they focus on themselves and do activities they would not ordinarily undertake. It is a journey to inner Self. Hala personally curates each trip and is present in every step of the way. She encourages people to look within to find the strength they seek to make a positive change in their lives and ultimately to find balance and happiness. Along the journey, Hala counsels and coaches. The groups are small in numbers, creating a productive environment for sharing individual experiences and learning from others. Each journey is a unique experience.

Whilst the trips are restricted to women, Journey Through Change also conducts corporate events including lectures, workshops and team building activities on happiness and positivity for the wider community. Events may be conducted at the Journey Through Change facility or onsite for clients.

JTC Events

  • May26

    Austria Trip

    Austria 26 May,2020
    to 31 May,2020
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  • Fully BookedNovember21

    Bali Trip

    Indonesia 21 November,2019
    to 26 November,2019
  • April12

    Italy Trip

    Italy 12 April,2020
    to 17 April,2020
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