About Hala

The Founder of Journey Through Change (JTC)

Hala Kazim is self described as a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a counsellor. Hala seeks to change peoples’ lives through positivity and balance through hiking trips indulged with various training activities.

She is a certified counsellor and coach from the City University, London, UK and is also certified in Neurolinguistic Programming as a coach and practitioner from the American board NLP, London, UK.


Establishment of Journey Through Change 

Hala established Journey Through Change in 2011 as a pioneer to positively impact peoples’ lives by taking them out of their comfort zone, expanding their intellectual boundaries and indulging them in various activities. She has conducted hiking trips and retreats across the globe with a combination of counseling, coaching, workshops and lectures. From a young age, Hala has a unique way of dealing with people. Her passion for community service has enabled her to utilise her skills through her program, capturing all aspects whether emotional, physical or intellectual.

She is a renowned artist, having launched the label My Private Collection, and has formerly exhibited her work in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and in Harrods, London.


Awards & Books

Hala Kazim has won the Arab Woman of The Year Award in 2017 in category of Motivation & Well-being during an event held in London, UK. Also, she was awarded the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Best Business Woman in 2013, and Criterion Winner – Innovation Emirates Woman Award in 2014 for community service. She has been selected amongst key opinion leaders in the Arab world as an influential figure on social media by Google and the United Nations, speaking at their global event #myvoicematters in 2015. She is active on her various digital channels where she conducts talks on relevant social issues.

Hala has published two books so far. “Hala and Change” in 2015; this book talks about the early beginnings of Hala and her personal experiences. Also the book highlights various events and goals that led to innovating Journey Through Change Program. The book showcases experiences & stories of some women who join the program in its very beginning.

Her second book is “Hala and Life” that was published in 2017. She shares variety of important life experiences. Also she highlights her opinions & statements on different interesting topics that touches the self and the society.