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Mother's Day Bundle

For this special occasion, I have created a mother’s day bundle which includes:

• A branded T-shirt with a handwritten message from me stating I love my mom made from organic cotton to ensure maximum breathability and comfort. (Fill your request above)

• A branded Mug with a handwritten message from me stating I love my mom.

• A guided journal that helps you discover your inner self.

• An online lecture voucher valid for 3 months.


Let your precious mother begin her journey through change, and appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices she does out of love!

Treat your mother this year differently by giving her a meaningful gift that might change her life! Pre-order now to receive your package as soon as possible.


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Through my journey of self discovery, I have learned & appreciated essential components of life such as hope, strength, and love.
Here I am, sharing my knowledge with you.

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Mentorship Program

A focused mentoring program for 3 months, where I will be with you in every step and guide you using practical yet realistic ways that help you face your challenges and change for the better.

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Day with Hala

This program will take the participants on a one-day trip to discover their personality, learn about her abilities and help her to interact with her colleagues outside the work and formalities in a friendly and natural framework. Also it helps to let go of the negative energies and improve the individual’s intellectual mindset.

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Coffee With Hala

Hala has designed spontaneous counseling sessions called Coffee With Hala. The sessions are conducted in a friendly and informal environment. During the session, the participants can discuss about any matter that they would like to share with Hala and exchange valuable knowledge.
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Walk with Hala

It all starts from here, where the air and purity meet! We believe that we are alone in moments of pain and sometimes even in moments of absolute happiness. It is only when we return to the arms of mother nature and feel the peace and beauty of her surroundings that we can disconnect from the battles of daily life. Accompany me on my walks within Dubai, because science has proven that the consultations that we do during walking are the most beneficial to our minds and bodies. As we narrate the events that concern us the most, we feel the air surrounding us lessen the weight of our problems and concerns, the clean fresh air envelopes us and soothes our senses. This deep connection with mother nature serves to heal us and make us new. In “Walk with Hala” we reconnect with ourselves through friendly and gentle consultations during an hour’s walk in a quiet area that helps us clear our minds and restore inner peace

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Corporate programs

We are providing tailor made lectures, workshops, comprehensive one day retreats for corporate employees along with individual one on one sessions. All our programs brighten the mindset and provide a new perspective towards success and sustainable results.

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Facilities of Journey Through Change

Space Utilisation is a new service to the UAE’s business community. Through this service, companies can achieve a high level of quality communication and establish a clear understanding of their employee’s needs in a friendly environment outside the routine framework.

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Hala & Life (Arabic)

Hala & Change (English)

Hala & Change (Arabic)



  • In the middle of the nature, you will notice every tiny details of your past life. everything that stresses you, starts to liberate in vastness of the nature. You leave it behind you with every step you walk. You will meet a new person, asking you “Does life that I am living worth carrying those stress?” Then you start to liberate your ideas, thoughts that limits you from advancing in life and blocks you from seeing the true beauty of life.Ameera Al Hadad - Spain 2016

  • To my own surprise, I learned how to assess and manage any future obstacles that may come my way during my journey through life. I learned that my mind, body and soul are all equally important. Investing & preserving those parts of myself is the cornerstone to a happy & healthy life emotionally, physically and spiritually.Meera -

  • Words cannot justify the amazing experience I had with the participants and the expert counsellors. The workshops were really enlightening and educational, the joy to cook with everyone, and hiking for hours in the natural while observing the surroundings made me realize the beauty of life.Yasmeen Al Shyoukh - Italy 2016

  • Journey Through Change in Spain was a journey of life in a week time, interns of all of its beautiful moments & challenges. We have visited new places and met different people. Some of them were like us and others were completely different. During the journey, you will find a new born person inside of you, other than the one you used to live with... a person who isn't limited with the norms and in the same time respects the traditions...Ameera Al Hadad - Spain 2016

  • This trip helped me to find something I never realized was missing; nor did I recognize it as the master key to my happiness and the happiness of my loved ones. It helped me find: myself. I found the answers and solutions to many questions and obstacles.Meera -

  • My experience: Journey through Change with Ms. Hala is one of the most interesting and eye opening experiences I've gone through. There's always a room for development and growing, and having experts to guide me through further development is a privilege.Yasmeen Al Shyoukh - Italy 2016

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